killer buzz

the only issue to anxiety
is Fearlessness.
the greater the weapon —
the greater the anxiety.

R.E.M., from the song Hyena


as a pacifist for almost thirty years and a vegetarian for almost 10 — shortly right after taking these photographs and choosing they’d be my “villian” for ODC, i started to surprise why the western tradition offers them this kind of a undesirable wrap. they’re not the predators, right after all, the murderers and renders of other animals. they take what character has presently brought small, a world-wide cleansing power, choosing bones white and removing the scent of rot. maligned for their adore of corpses, much like undertakers, i was reminded that the villians of just one collective could possibly be the heroes of another.


Our Daily Challenge: Villian


the geek at the rear of the curtain: all photographs and layers in this assemblage had been taken and made by myself.

coming out of get the job done yesterday they had been circling like mad. by no means noticed the corpse, which is likely just as perfectly. i finished up taking 12 photographs, and five of them are listed here layered on leading of each individual other. the clouds are from a various working day, and the moon from a much various working day. colour-shifted the clouds, erased patches, gaussian blurred the edges in the heart, dodging, burning, all the enjoyment stuff.

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