bembix sand wasp

Bembix sp.

A scene of the digging.

In this photograph, the fore-legs undertaking the digging are conspicuous. ‎They are no regular legs bow-formed, perfectly-segmented. They surface incredibly purposeful for the career. The fine sand is less difficult to do the job. The workaholic of a wasp will take on the bigger grains (like the a single appropriate behind it in the photograph) singly, hauls them out of the way and the resumes digging. When it is at rest, its banded stomach can be seen pulsating. The entire exercising can be in contrast to canines digging up for burrowed prey, apart from for the part where the digger goes underground for numerous minutes, reappears and then scatters the dug up sand more than the burrow. The masking up is the part I caught on movie.

Posted by dotun55 on 2014-08-09 11:07:11

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