173.365 ~ .eyes like autumn.

FGR ~ encounter fingers.

Certainly a improve in season.
Flash floods and all that enjoyable things. Was not unbelievably cold today nevertheless, not that it matters to this girl in the least. 🙂
Stopped by the In-Laws….the place I picked up a several fallen tidbits from my favored tree. -)

Alrighty then…off for some do-it-yourself chili and television with the partner.
Wishing my most effective for absolutely everyone.
Don’t forget, tomorrow is Friday! Woot!

TRF I constantly come to feel like I am dishonest when I do photographs like this. Not that they you should not have effort. It’s just like I have this insane strategy in my head that accurate photographic artistry has to attribute several hours of manipulation or somesuch. What is wrong with me?

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